After spending what felt like a life time in the Financial Services Industry we were able to retire and turn our
life long interests into our passion and some say obsession. Our intense interest in the natural world couples
well with our passion for photography and our love of exotic travel. Our hope is to create compelling images to
promote an appreciation of the Natural World to help safeguard the biodiversity of the planet and the integrity
of its natural ecosystems.
As you wander through Linda and my photo galleries you will quickly see that we focus on Wildlife and

Travel images. This website highlights some of our favorite images taken over the last several years. Our photo
galleries will take you to places like Antarctica, Arctic, Southern & Eastern Africa, The Galapagos Islands,
Cuba, the Amazon, The Baja, Alaska, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe as well as local
images from near our homes in Key West Florida and Discovery Bay California.
You may have seen some of our images in prominent national and International photo competitions, Gallery
Shows or specialized publications such as Digital Photographer Magazine, Pro Digital Imaging magazine,
Caribbean Travel & Life magazine, National Geographic Expeditions, Nature's Best Magazine, Yachts
Magazine, The Bay & Delta Yachtsman magazine, The Delta Sun Times, Brentwood Press, The Key West
Citizen, various Guides to Discovery Bay, The Discovery Bay Annual Calendar and the Galapagos
Conservancy to name a few publications