Barbara Nagel


“Barbara’s unique style, with smooth flowing curves and contemporary lines comes from her foundation as a stone carver. Chiseling and palm-sanding stone is an ancient artform that is often lost on today’s clay sculptors.” Barbara has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture, as wellas a minor in Fine Art. Barbara passion for sculpting accelerated with a figurative sculpting class taught by renowned artist Marton Varo, a Hungarian stone sculptor, known for his public installations at Fort Worth Symphony Hall and Laguna Beach Museum of Art. This experience motivated Barbara to become an apprentice stone carver at the Claudio Palla Studio in the village of Pietrasanta, Italy, world famous for marble and bronze sculpting.
After her apprenticeship, Barbara entered her work in juried shows, including the Pageant of the Masters and San Diego Trees show, where she won 2nd place. Barbara’s artwork is on display at the Women’s Pavilion of Hoag Hospital, as well as other venues. She has also performed solo shows at Myers Gallery and Studio Gallery.
Barbara has created a stunning collection of figurative art, using contemporary lines, flowing curves and interpretive subjects.