Thomas Easley


When people see Thomas Easley’s paintings, they are immediately drawn to the rich hues, kinetic energy and the almost tactile nature of his art. The pigments are deep and luxurious, the paint sculpted on canvas to create a rush of color, texture and form that amplifies contrasts. The resultant artwork has a presence filled with energy and movement that evokes a visceral connection with the viewer. But as much as Easley is an artist of color, texture and movement, he is also an artist of the mind. He has long held that man is multidimensional, and his art is an ongoing exploration of his own creative multi-self. That is a rare quality in the risk-averse world where sticking to “mastered” abilities is considered the safest route to success. Easley sees his art as an ongoing quest of creative experiment and expression. This diversity in styles and themes has been a running thread through his artistic journey, from the early manuscript illuminations and miniature paintings in the early 1980s, to the dazzling architectural Venice landscapes, powerful “Dimensional Realism” and the more recent “Extreme Impressionism” that straddles the line between impressionism and abstract art. It is precisely this freedom from constraint that makes Easley’s art so powerful.