Paul B. Lotz

Bronze fine art sculpture has a rich cultural and artistic history. Today, artists are taking on the medium like never before to cultivate works of art that respond to a new generation of art collectors and creative thinkers. Sculptor Paul Lotz is one of these artists.

As he pays homage to the great masters of the Renaissance, he forms an honest and intimate body of work that directly addresses the world of today. His fascination with the Renaissance and culture from that era merge with his love of dreams and fantasy. It can be said that Lotz sculpts his masterpieces from the inside-out. For Lotz, inner emotions motivate his sculptures’ external appearances. They seem to capture hidden feelings and lay them out for all to see, Lotz explains “No matter what the subject, the piece must exude emotion. I love dichotomies, plays against reality vs. fantasy, good vs. evil, sex vs. purity. I want people to feel what the subject is feeling and see the story that’s being told. It doesn’t necessarily have to be my story, but they have to be inspired to make their own.”